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Teamfight Island

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Teamfight Island (by DeusCraft)

Welcome to Teamfight Island!

In this game, you have to repel the attacks of enemies trying to take over your island.

The player’s goal is to protect him with all his might!

Teamfight Island

The essence of the game is very simple:

By clicking on the Drop button, units from the player’s deck fall on random cells of the field.

All units have a strength parameter, and some also have abilities.

Teamfight Island

The ability of a green magician is + 100 strength for all units that fall next to him.

Strength is a crucial parameter when fighting enemy troops. Whoever has the most power wins!

After each spin, the player is given a choice of 3 cards.

Teamfight Island

You can choose one by adding it to your deck.

After making another Drop, the units that have already fallen fall through the ground and return to the deck, retaining all their characteristics

Teamfight Island

And then they fall back on the field in random cells

Enemies attack the island every X drops!

Available: Google Play – US

Teamfight Island

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