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Tempest : Strategy Card Battle

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Tempest : Strategy Card Battle (by New Normal Soft Inc.)

Dive into ‘Tempest: Tower of Probatio’, a groundbreaking CCG that revolutionizes strategic card battle with its unique ban-pick phase.
We designed for fast-paced and engaging gameplay where every move counts, it’s perfect for players of all skill levels.
It now offers an enhanced experience with real-time battles against players worldwide.
Ready for a new level of strategy? Download TODAY and start your strategic journey in the innovative realm of Tempest!

Tempest : Strategy Card Battle

Unique Deck-Building Fun: Choose from over 300 distinct heroes to create a deck that reflects your strategy and taste.
Each hero comes with unique abilities, ready to support your path to victory!

Tempest : Strategy Card Battle

Strategic Ban Phase: Outsmart your opponents! Use the ban phase to block their top strategies and gain a tactical edge.

The Power of the Pick: Your picks can lead you to victory. Forge your own path with special strategies in every game!

Tempest : Strategy Card Battle

The Tempest Promise: We value your commitment. Even after season resets, you can return and play effortlessly, keeping your progress intact.

Turn the Tide with Tower Power: Empower your towers with unique hero skills. One powerful move can change the course of the battle!

Friendly Battles: Challenge your friends to see who’s the ultimate strategist. Play now and prove your skills!

Tempest : Strategy Card Battle

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