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BattleofSBG – Official iOS

Official Launch – iOS – Global

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of BattleofSBG (by xdgame)

Fighting for MoeGirls!

Free 100 draws ※ Free to Win
Round strategy ※ Overcome the enemy
Hanging up is not tiring ※ Rewards are generous
Traveling with multiple people ※ Wonderful adventure
A hundred beauties ※ at your command

The new anime adventure places the fantasy of the mobile game Battle of SignBoard Gril.

As the world was about to return to chaos, a young man from a different world crossed over and brought various MoeGirls under his command,

Is the future of the world bright or destroyed,

Young man, all of this is in your hands.

1. Free 100 Summons and Massive equipment is freely matched.

BattleofSBG - Official iOS

2. Various professions such as Berserker, Assassin, and Nun are freely matched, and the Five Elements complement each other, resulting in endless changes in combat strategies.

BattleofSBG - Official iOS

3. Infinite randomness, 8 major professions, 5 major races, 6 attributes, randomly arranged and combined to generate unique heroes. Each hero summon will never be the same.

BattleofSBG - Official iOS

4. Rich system playing methods and different game modes allow you to explore your own Happy hour freely.

BattleofSBG - Official iOS

5. Hundreds of unique hero characters are freely collected and obtained, with different attributes giving you more strategic choices.

BattleofSBG - Official iOS

6. An independent worldview, a struggle around the Soul Stone, and an unexpected plot development.

BattleofSBG - Official iOS

7. The rich gameplay of dungeons makes the worldview more three-dimensional and the experience more divers.

BattleofSBG - Official iOS

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