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The Finder: 追尋者 (CN)

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The description of The Finder: 追尋者

We provide you with a lot of value-added game benefits every day, so that you can get a more comfortable experience during the game. Daily login benefits, continuous login benefits, online benefits, customs clearance benefits, and many gifts are free to give and receive. Soft hands

Devil Boss Classic Copy
The core of the game is to gather multiple forces to challenge the dungeons. Each dungeon has the most distinctive BOSS team challenge-strategy, effort, difficulty, and cracking the secrets of BOSS team battles. In addition to strength, sometimes it is easier to win the victory of the strategy.

During the period, try to find more clues to pass the level, complete the designated tasks, can greatly increase the rewards, challenge the right BOSS at the right time, and win more rewards. The independent guidance of the system makes you easy to operate. The diversified content experience is smooth, and the most user-friendly and simplified design makes the experience unparalleled!

The Finder: 追尋者

Throw away the traditional gameplay to create the ultimate experience
The gameplay is no longer the same, violent C-level clearance? Team strategy to open up wasteland? Defeat the King of Kings, and the road to becoming the King of the Ancient Gods is at your fingertips! Mine medicine, casting alchemy, life skills are more fun, free trade, tame mounts, create a magnificent and colorful world of different degrees, skills include screen vibration and other special effects, gorgeous battle screens and freely released cool combinations Skills to create a super experience;

The Finder: 追尋者

Strategic battle to build the strongest guild
Guild battles are the key to your fame. Guilds can directly choose to develop alone or form alliances to participate in martial arts battles. They can train their own guild’s patron saints and beasts, and get the quota of “siege warfare” through bidding. After winning the Intensive Occupation War, you can receive extremely rich king rewards!

The Finder: 追尋者
The Finder: 追尋者

Cool shape, perfect design
“The Finder: The Seeker” abandons the traditional and unique shape, and each piece of equipment is designed by an exclusive designer. After replacement, it will show a new look. Does it feel like a heartbeat?

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The Finder: 追尋者
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