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The description of The Return of Condor Heroes (by Dunia Games)

The Return of Condor Heroes is the official game adaptation of Jin Yong’s novel. This game is an adaptation of the famous trilogy, namely the Legend of the Eagle Swordsman trilogy, The Return of the Legendary Swordsman of the Eagles, and the Sky Sword and Dragon Slayer Machete, which have also been made into a TV series that has gained high popularity in Indonesia. Immediately collect all the legendary warriors, conquer the world of warriors immediately!

The Legendary Tale of the Swordsman World
The graphic display in the game is very beautiful and detailed, making players feel really in the world of a real warrior and it becomes easier to understand the story of the trilogy.

The Return of Condor Heroes - ID

Hundreds of Legendary Swordsmen
Official IP Game, gathering of legendary warriors like Kwok Ching, Wong Yung, Yoko, Dragon Girl, Tio Buki, Northern Beggar, Naughty Old Boy, Eastern Heretic and hundreds of other warriors.

The Return of Condor Heroes - ID

Latest Gameplay
Thousands of people compete on the same screen, to become the ruler of the world of warriors! With clan VS clan gameplay, take your clan to be the ruler. Use strategy and hone the skills of the warriors to become champions.

The Return of Condor Heroes - ID

Battle Between Swordsmen
Comparable battles between warriors. Upgrade the skills of the warriors to the highest grade. Choose your warrior, make him the strongest!

Abundant Benefits
Collect as many rewards as possible even when AFK. Upgrading warriors is also very easy.

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The Return of Condor Heroes - ID

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