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The Summoner(EN) – P2E/NFT

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of The Summoner (by Summoner)

Let’s not play the stereotyped game!
15 million different summoners!
It’s fun to be completed with my own summoner combination!

Game characteristics
Raise diversified summoners!
– Let’s stop the stereotyped game!
– Raise your own summoner out of 15 million summoners!
– A growth strategy differentiated from your own summoners and your own skills!
– Summoner who can be stored in NFT only for me!
– The daily summoner draw is provided every day!

Prove my strength!
– A match against users from all over the world!
– Every season, you’ll get a great reward!
– Differentiated from others, my own summoner, various combat strategies!!

Join forces to hunt the world boss!
– Various world bosses that change every week!
– Identify the attributes of the World Boss and target it with an advantageous summoner!
– World Boss also offers a great reward!
– Focusing on World Boss with strategic combination!

Expected weekly special update
– Let’s not play games that are released and thrown away!
– Expected weekly special update!

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