Three Kingdoms Origin

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The description of Three Kingdoms Origin (by DeNA HONG KONG LIMITED)

is a multi-player online real-time strategy game based on the Three Kingdoms history which recreates realistic landscapes in the world map. Look out for flank attacks and road blocks from your enemies when you explore the open world and build your city.
Reimagine various formations and different troop types from ancient times. Recruit and leverage hundreds of military generals and develop strategies to build up defense!
New seasons and innovative game modes make it possible for every player to take the throne. Choose your own script and experience the original Three Kingdoms history.
You will play as a lord, grow your army, find your allies and conquer it all!

Game Features
All-in-one server. Epic battle between nations now begins!
Hundreds of thousands of players from around the world are all in this war together. Join a powerful guild and find like-minded alliance to experience epic battles from Three Kingdoms history. Every move matters. Pick your strategies wisely and get ready for the bloody country war.

Three Kingdoms Origin

Fair and square with no resources sold in the game. Strategy matters.
We don’t sell resources, troops or lands. With our innovative road map system, you can now march troops more effectively. Every time you occupy a land or city, the marching route will change according to your move. You can also implement strategies like Pincer Attack or Flank Attack to defeat opponents.

Three Kingdoms Origin

No pay-to-win. Hundreds of legendary generals waiting for your summon
The key to conquer all kingdoms and unite the country is not by money but strategy. Build up your own city, double up resources and expand your territory to win!
Hundreds of legendary generals from real Three Kingdoms history are waiting to join your force. All generals are detailed modeled with over a million faces based on real history in order to present the most original gaming experience for you.

Three Kingdoms Origin

Realistic battlefield full of unpredictable surprises
Players can arrange their 3×3 formations using different troop types and ordinances to come up with more strategies such as “Flanking Attack”, “Archer Attack” and “Spear formation counter Calvary” to defeat enemies.

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Three Kingdoms Origin

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