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Three Kingdoms & Puzzles: Match 3 RPG

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The description of Three Kingdoms & Puzzles: Match 3 RPG

Three Kingdoms & Puzzles: Match 3 RPG

Summon HEROES from the Chinese THREE KINGDOMS era, lead them on the battlefield to match and blast a way out through the chaotic time of Han Dynasty – Join us now to start the thrilling adventure of RPG Match-3 battle, building a magnificent island and dueling PVP arena!

Match Gems
Simply swipe, match and blast the Gems to generate fantastic attacks!

Summon Heroes
More than 70 famous warriors, strategists and generals from the Three Kingdoms are waiting to follow your command!

Special Skills
Each Hero has special skills that give different advantages on the battlefield!

Three Kingdoms & Puzzles: Match 3 RPG

Battle Adventure
Go on the expedition map to explore nearly 200 battle sections!

Build Stronghold
Be the master of the Wavy Island and build your stronghold there!

Craft Items
Gather materials and craft various battle items!

Three Kingdoms & Puzzles: Match 3 RPG

Elemental Strategy
Make good use of the five elements Fire/Water/Wood/Yin/Yang and their restraint relationship to dominant your enemies!

Three Kingdoms & Puzzles is a Match&Battle RPG game that sets its story in the time of Three Kingdoms. Come now to collect historic heroes, develop your island, have expedition battles and thrive in the chaotic Han Dynasty!

Please note:
1. The game is free to play, but some of the items in the game can be purchased with real money.
2. The game requires a network connection.

Three Kingdoms & Puzzles: Match 3 RPG
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