Three Kingdoms the Dynamic

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The description of 삼국지 더 다이나믹 (by Efun Company)

Game Features
Everything in the Three Kingdoms is dynamic!
A strategy RPG that fully utilizes the realism of the Three Kingdoms, full of tension and immersion.

삼국지 더 다이나믹

Everything in war is more dynamic!
Advance, ambush, pursue, retreat! Real-time troop control full of freedom

Everything in the siege is more dynamic!
Catapult, chungcha, ballista gun mobilization! A siege that raises the status of the Federation

삼국지 더 다이나믹

Everything in strategy is more dynamic!
Armed Forces, Class, Formation, Warhorse! Formations and combinations that turn the tide

Everything in Youngji is more dynamic!
Barracks, lumber mills, even trees! Free Construction, Your Own Design

삼국지 더 다이나믹

Everything in the season is more dynamic!
PVP > PVE > PVP! Introducing a season system full of novelty on the battlefield

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삼국지 더 다이나믹

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