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Touchgrind X

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Touchgrind X (by Illusion Labs)

The ultimate extreme sports game
Experience extreme sports like you never experienced before on mobile. The mountain bike action in Touchgrind X promises excitement on a different level than in any previous Touchgrind game.

[Multiple game modes]
Play with friends or ride solo in the 12-player slope-style Battle Royale mode, where only one team can win. Land insane tricks, make tactical choices, and use your ultimate abilities to get more trick scores than your opponents.

Team vs. Team elimination. Two teams with five players compete in this tug-of-war game mode in a circuit arena. Get as much trick score as possible before the time runs out to win the thrilling extreme sports battle.

More game modes and special events are added continuously, to keep the game fresh and exciting!

[Unlock and upgrade tricks]
Choose what tricks you want to learn. Acquire, equip, and upgrade them to create your unique tricks loadout.

Touchgrind X

[Authentic extreme sports locations]
Ride in stunning authentic extreme sports locations from all around the world. From the desert canyons to mountain forests, caves, and cities.
New locations are added every season and are FREE for everyone to play.

Touchgrind X

[Unique riders and bikes]
Choose between amazing rider and bike skins that suit your style. Be unique and express yourself with special combinations of rider and bike designs that will catch your opponent’s attention.

Touchgrind X

[Ultimate abilities]
Perform ultimate abilities by drinking two different types of “UltiFizz”; focus or courage. Focus activates a positive effect such as slow motion or score multiplier while courage activates a special trick such as surfing a giant wave with your bike or breakdancing in the air.

Touchgrind X

[Constantly evolving]
Never get bored, every season brings new locations, game modes, events, riders, bikes, and much more. We also plan to add more extreme sports into the universe of Touchgrind X such as skateboarding, BMX, and snowboarding.

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Available: Google Play – PH

Touchgrind X

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