Treasure Temples

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Treasure Temples (by GAMEDIA)

Two young adventurers have discovered a series of ancient treasure chambers, hidden deep beneath the snow of Antarctica! It’s up to you to guide them in this puzzle adventure where every step matters. Quite literally, as ancient floor tiles crumble away behind you with every step you take!

In each chamber, you will have to discover a path that gets you to all the gold and then back toward the exit safely. The collapsing floor tiles form the major obstacle to achieving this goal, but as you progress, you will also have to deal with deadly traps, ancient guardians and possibly more… All that glittering gold seems to have caught the eye of something quite large, lurking just beneath the water’s surface.

Treasure Temples
Treasure Temples
Treasure Temples

Over 140 levels: each treasure chamber offers a unique puzzle that was crafted by hand
Puzzle at your own pace: there are no time constraints or mechanics that rely on dexterity
Various obstacles: crumbling floor tiles, traps that launch deadly darts and enemies that react to your moves
Duo exploration mode: control two adventurers instead of one, providing both new challenges and new ways to overcome them
Unique treasures: at the end of each level pack, you will find unique treasures that will add some nice variety to your ever expanding hoard
Mysterious aquatic life forms: possibly dangerous, definitely out for the gold as well!

Created by ©PalmassGames

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