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Undead Ninja

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Undead Ninja (by BanFu)

It is the Sengoku Jidai wars broke out everywhere, and the people were suffering. Demons took this opportunity to wreak havoc. The Sixth Demon King sought to lead his demon army by infecting Oda Nobunaga and making him bloodthirsty and cruel: burning Hieiyama, attacking Hongan Temple, killing monks and prisoners. The war continues, and the infestation of the demon is spreading…

You will rise, and together with the help of Legendary Ninjas, assist the Daimyo of the 7 regions, 66 prefectures and 2 islands in Kinai, and join together to resist the invasion of the Inner Demon and defeat the Sixth Demon King.

Now is the time for glory. Danger and Destiny Awaits.

Go back to the Sengoku period and fight against the Sixth Demon King with the Legendary Ninjas! 50 Ninjas await your collection!

5 ninja attributes, fire, water, wind, thunder and rock, create infinite lineup possibilities. 5 battlefield attributes, sun, rain, wind, thunder and sand, require your strategy to be ever-changing. Gather your Ninja squad for a hearty strategy battle!

Undead Ninja

Players from all over the world compete in real time, with lineup restraint, attribute bonuses and luck… Use your strategy and wisdom to become the strongest Ninja with only simple taps!

Undead Ninja

2 player co-op to win more treasures! Team up with friends from all over the world to challenge hundreds of levels of demons, and persist until the end to become an Undead Legend!

Undead Ninja

Join the challenge to show your strength! All regions and prefectures are ravaged by demons. Without the help of your teammates, can you succeed in the crusade? 3 modes for your to challenge!

Undead Ninja
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