Valkyrie Story: Idle RPG

Soft Launch – EN – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Valkyrie Story: Idle RPG (by HighSpirit)

Advance your characters in a very stress-free rpg game!
No more grinding! Hands off the screen! Idle Idle! AFK!
The Valkyrie girl grows easily, with just a few clicks!
Offline rewards make this idle pet game easy to enjoy

Valkyrie Story: Idle RPG

There are various, easy ways to grow your Valkyrie Girl!
Draw items! There are various weapons, wings, skill artifacts, and more to draw!
Decorate! Collect diverse costumes and cute pets, and then go into combat!
Clear stages! There is no such thing as reviving! Only endless stage farming!

Valkyrie Story: Idle RPG

There are mail rewards and events every day! Just login to receive endless rewards and various events to help with growing your girl!
All you have to do is click and enjoy the fancy action!

Valkyrie Story: Idle RPG

An Idle RPG game that can be enjoyed with realtime chatting and rankings!
Share your info with friends and family to spread your wings!
The Valkyrie girl is always ready to be with you!

Valkyrie Story: Idle RPG

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