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Kingdom of Invaders – MMO War

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Kingdom of Invaders – MMO War (by Kingdom of invaders)

Kingdom of Invaders – MMO War is a fantastic strategy game that you will enjoy big time!

If you are searching for a War Fantasy game where you have to defend your kingdom in a battle royale arena clash between heroes then this competitive multiplayer game might be a great choice for you.

Download the Kingdom of Invaders – MMO War or MMO Strategy Battle game and have unlimited fun with a fantastic battle royale-based MMO War Strategy game. Welcome to the Arena Clash of the new fantasy world full of excitement and adventure where you get to have unlimited fun fighting with swords and magic!

This Arena Clash-based Heroes Battle Game comes with amazing gameplay and wonderful design that will keep you mesmerized for hours while you defend your kingdom from invaders and have an exciting adventure in the fantasy world of this Royale Clash game.

If you are looking for MMO War Games or League Royale Strategy games that come with a tower battle gameplay that allows you to defend your kingdom from rivals and use magic and battle skills while doing it, then look no further than this Mini World Battle Royale Fantasy game!

Kingdom of Invaders - MMO War

The Gameplay of the Kingdom of Invaders – MMO War Game

Are you looking for a Clan War game or Hero Battle game that features clashes between kinds of different kingdoms? Are you searching for a League Battle Royale Game where kings or lords defend their castle from the other warlords with magic and an army of swordsmen? – If you are looking for these things, then this Hero Fantasy game is for you. Get into Hero versus Hero Battleground and destroy the army with your power and skill and become the ultimate winner of this Clan Wars game.

Kingdom of Invaders - MMO War

There is a Spinning Wheel system to collect coins and mood to attack another player’s kingdom. Each player will have 4 kingdoms where each kingdom is guarded by 2 heroes. Your mission is to destroy other player’s kingdoms and kill their guards. If you manage to bring the number of their guards lower than you, their kingdom will be destroyed.

Take part in the brutal battle royale league on your fantasy quest with your army and enjoy unlimited kingdom defense castle war events and defend your kingdom while becoming the top hero of this fighting fantasy MMO Strategy game. This is one of those competitive multiplayer games that allows you to be the owner of multiple kingdoms and enjoy a tower battle simulator in an online battle royale league.

Kingdom of Invaders - MMO War

Some Key Features of this MMO Strategy Game
Battle Arena Clash Game with 3 Types of Kingdoms:
1. Default kingdom (upgradable by gold)
2. VIP kingdom (purchase by black card KOI, VIP Kingdoms will have some extra defenses.
3. Nft kingdom each NFT kingdom has unique defense attributes that protect the kingdom from attackers. The NFT only can be traded at the “open sea” to change the ownership.

Kingdom of Invaders - MMO War

MMO War Game with Fantastic Characters:
You will have eight characters who look really cool and have unique abilities. 4 of the 8 characters will be sword-wielders and the other 4 will be mages with amazing magical abilities. You can upgrade their abilities with various means. More good news is that soon you’ll get to play with 10 characters!

Kingdom of Invaders - MMO War

Battle Arena Clash with Many Levels:
There are 6 chapters of this game and each chapter has 15 maps! You can have fun for hours with this MMO War Strategy game with a lot of storylines to go through! If you are looking for competitive multiplayer games with amazing storylines divided into many chapters, then you should definitely give this Heroes Battle Royale Clash game a try.

Fantastic Design and Animation:
Whether you are in the default kingdom, or the VIP Kingdom purchased by gold or black card – every arena looks fantastic, thanks to our talented and devoted designer team.


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