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Versailles Heroes – NFT

Early access (Beta) – iOS

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | PC

The description of Versailles Heroes (by DARQTEC PTY LTD)

Versailles Heroes is a fast pace 4v4 competitive MOBA game. A light Sci-Fi theme game with various heroes and game modes like Battle Royale, Deathmatch, Inhibitor Rush and Collect Trophies. Players are free to choose whichever game mode they would like to play.

Versailles Heroes is unique in its artistic expression which can be reflected in the game detail and hero design. Also, with the smoothness of the combat, gameplay, and matchmaking. The game will bring players the ultimate experience with rich and colorful characters that can grow through combat and leveling. Aside from all that, Versailles Heroes is an ever-growing game that is worth the wait.

Versailles Heroes is an open and free competitive mobile game. Every player can enjoy the exciting PVP gameplay in a fair and just environment. Pursuit what you dream, and love is the essence of Versailles Heroes, and be sure to elevate yourself in the challenges ahead.

Come, join us in battle!

Multiple Game Modes for you to choose

Versailles Heroes - NFT

– Practice Ground

Choose a difficulty level that suits you. In this mode, players can familiarize the heroes and their abilities, and also practice their skills.

– Deathmatch (4v4)

A battle between 2 teams. The rule is simple, get as many kills as possible. The game result is determined by how many kills each team has.

– Battle Royal (12 players)

12 players are teleported to Icecap Island. A circular boarding will appear and keep shrinking in. This is an exciting battle where the only way to survive is to collect all the supplies you can and not get caught.

Versailles Heroes - NFT

– Collect Trophies (4v4)

This mode will test the coordination and teamwork between teammates. You must get as many trophies as possible while stopping the team from getting yours. The team collects 50 trophies first wins.

– King’s Valley (4v4)

Two teams of players fight for the battery to summon a giant robot that can help you destroy the opponent’s inhibitor. It’s time to choose between defense and offense. Leadership is extremely important in this mode. The team destroys the opponent’s inhibitor wins. If both inhibitors remain, the one with more health wins.

Versailles Heroes - NFT

Game Highlight

– Each game lasts about 3~5 minutes, fast-paced with strong combat feedback.

– Auto-lock attack, smart cast skills.

– Team up with your friend with smooth communication.

– Balanced game mechanism, fair game for all.

– Milestone rewards, free rewards from the game.

Official website:

Versailles Heroes - NFT
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