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Wacky Legends – Epic Battle Game

Early access + Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Wacky Legends (by Spartans Global)

WACKY LEGENDS – Season 1! If you like to play open battle games then you will sure like this ‘Wacky Legends’ offered by Spartans Global Inc. for FREE.!

Fight in online multiplayer games when you play WACKY LEGENDS; the open world game! Survive in battle land, develop your shooting expertise and grow new PVP strategies for FREE!

Wacky Legends - Epic Battle Game

Jump out from the plane flying over the dead island, search for the best weapons and eliminate all the enemies. Players all-around the island are unarmed and they should discover and utilize different weapons and pickups to search and kill enemies. Search for the best weapons you can; Pixel Gun, Assault Rifle, Shotguns, SMGs and other weapons. Dominate the battle ground by killing each rival and become the last man to survive! Get your Plasma Launcher and kill the big man!

Wacky Legends - Epic Battle Game

As you play, you will earn more gems and coins to upgrade your war hero. Upgrade your hero’s Attack Damage, Fire Rate and Accuracy. You may customize your character with a number of shields available to enhance shielding effect. For the time being, you will be able to jump in BATTLE mode. Kill all the enemies there using the best possible weapons to become the WACKY KING. Beware of the location and don’t step into the YELLOW BORDER LINES to maintain your health.

Wacky Legends - Epic Battle Game

Advanced strategic war placements
Go on a war solo or with friends
Customize your HERO with new SKINS & SHIELDS
Variety of weapons including Assault Rifles, Plasma Launcher & Pixel Gun
Easy to play but Difficult to be Master
Achievements to see your competitor players’ rank

Wacky Legends - Epic Battle Game

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