Walking Dead:Survival State

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Walking Dead:Survival State (by Running Zombie games)

This is a dangerous town occupied by zombies. If you want to survive, you have to pick up weapons, protect yourself, and protect your teammates. Never be kind to zombies! Otherwise, you will become their slave!

Survival Cheats

Collect and level up
Zombies are likely to hide weapon blueprints, defeat them, get powerful blueprints, and create your own weapons!

Walking Dead:Survival State

Explore unknown areas
The whole town has been ransacked by zombies, staying by your side in times of danger, but at the same time, the town also hides huge secrets, waiting for someone to discover!

Walking Dead:Survival State

Find teammates
During the adventure, you are very likely to meet good friends who are fighting with you, and find a way to make them join your team and resist the flood of zombies together!

Walking Dead:Survival State

Combat Supply
While resisting zombies, don’t forget to collect combat supplies, it will help you resist the invasion of zombies in various ways!

Game Highlights:
Abundant explorable areas and interlocking level designs create a lifelike “Walking Dead” world for you!

A dazzling variety of weapons, MP5, AK47, M60, 98k, any gun you can think of can be used in the game!

Various game modes, while the game provides massive mainline levels, various novel gameplays such as sniper mode and gold coin mode are waiting for you to unlock!

Exquisite shooting feel, different weapons have different shooting feel, giving you a fresh experience all the time!

Fine and ultra-clear scene and weapon modeling, giving you an immersive shooting experience!

Walking Dead:Survival State

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