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War Spell: Team Tactics RPG

Official Launch – Added a number of countries + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of War Spell: Team Tactics RPG (by WESTLAKE TECHNOLOGIES CO., PTE. LTD)

On the continent of Vasilia, many different organizations and groups coexist peacefully. However, now, the gods have left, the kings are fighting, the demons are invading, and the forces of all parties are about to move. You have already detected the beginning of chaos and chose to come forward.

War Spell: Team Tactics RPG
War Spell: Team Tactics RPG

Recruit your team of heroes, train and upgrade them to prepare for the battle against evil! Collect the four gems of Light, Arcane, Life and Shadow to summon the mighty power of the Holy Sword. May you bring peace back to Vasilia!

War Spell: Team Tactics RPG

Game Features
– Recruit heroes with unique skills
– Train your heroes and uncover their stories
-Use strategy and match exclusive lineup to challenge the enemy to win
– Participate in cool 3D battles and experience exquisite illustrations
– A million-word plot, exploring the secrets of the Vasilia continent
– Global servers, join guilds, challenge BOSS
– Challenge PVP battles and win the highest glory
– Participate in rich welfare activities and get a lot of benefits for free!

War Spell: Team Tactics RPG
War Spell: Team Tactics RPG

“Heroes: Curse” is a free magic epic RPG mobile game, you can recruit legendary heroes, form the strongest team, experience epic plot stories, participate in cool 3D battles, and PVP battles with global players. There are also many benefits, free activities and good fortune!

Official website

Available: Google Play – TW, CA, US, AU, etc…

War Spell: Team Tactics RPG

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