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MobileSuit: Origin

Early access + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of MobileSuit: Origin (by WEIL TRADING LIMITED)

Repair Wrong Timelines
The Gundam stories in history have been distorted. As a scout of Space Authority, you will fight together with Gundams and pilots to fix the false stories in this world. What’s waiting at the end of the false history…

MobileSuit: Origin

Build your exclusive Gundam
Build super powerful Gundams and recruit popular pilots. Build your exclusive fleet and conquer classic wars!

MobileSuit: Origin

Fight for the top of the universe
There are lots of contest gameplay: Points Match, Elite Match, Ranked Match, etc. Build strong teams and defeat all rivals to reach the top of the universe!

MobileSuit: Origin

Fight with ease and win with tactics
With easy battle operations, you can focus on team matching, deployment, attribute restraint, and formation bonuses so that you can defeat powerful rivals more easily.

MobileSuit: Origin

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