Westward Adventure


Early access(CBT 2 SEA) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

Test Time: November 10, 2021, 10:00 – November 23, 23:59 (UTC+7)

The description of Westward Adventure (by Netease)

A new Journey to the West-themed idle mobile game “Westward Adventure” is here! Dive into a fast-paced adventure filled with thrilling combat and heaps of treasure! Journey forth and conquer the three realms!

[Free Gifts from the Get-go]
Start the game with premium weapons and a wide array of Summon Pets, Divine Pets, Heroes, Mounts, and more!
Each character holds a full range of skills—both physical and spell damage skills and Single-target/AoE attacks! It’s time to show off your might on the battlefield!

Westward Adventure

[Increased Drop Rate]
Play with 5x attack speed and 10x drop rate! Watch your damage surge through the roof and experience exhilarating combat like never before!

Westward Adventure

[Diverse Gameplay]
Enjoy various game modes, including ghost-hunting, treasure-finding, dungeon-raiding, and completing daily quests! Challenge your friends and other players for bragging rights in varying PvP features, such as Duel, Guild Battle, and Altar of War! Make new friends with our wide range of social features, including Guilds, Player Home, and Pet-raising.
In Westward Adventure, you get to wield mythical weapons, ride majestic mount, command divine beasts, recruit legendary heroes, unleash breathtaking skills, face formidable foes, and achieve supreme glory!

Westward Adventure
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Westward Adventure

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