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Wild Legend

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Wild Legend (by EYOUGAME(US)

Beta testing time: 4 Jan. 2024 at 10:00 a.m. to 11 Jan. 2024 at 11:59 p.m.

In the ancient world, where civilization has disappeared, The power of the gods had awakened once again.
In the war that competes for divine power and ancient resources, The talented hero rose up. Use the power of the gods to guide the tribe. Collection of memories of ancient civilizations and create a new world of glory!

Wild Legend

You will freely explore random maps to find traces of relics. Choose to arrange special skills, resist the hordes of evil enemies. Challenge and collect millions of types of equipment. Pair as you like. Fight in an exciting adventure!

The possibilities are endless. Arrange divine powers and equipment freely.
Listen to the prophecy: The ancient gods will grant you more than 100 special divine blessings!
Freely switch between 6 powerful weapons and millions of legendary equipment. Create endless possibilities, experience the most spectacular battle!

Wild Legend

Every time is a new adventure. Defeat powerful enemies in random worlds.
Unpredictable random enemies and random events, It will bring you a new adventure experience every time!
Organize various skills, understand movement techniques and search for lost ancient resources on the map When facing a powerful enemy You will use the power of the gods. Fight for your clan and survival!

Build a prosperous home. Develop tribal technology
Collect various building materials to upgrade and expand your tribe!
Learn new talents in the temple, walk with the gods. And enhance your various combat values. Upgrade your treasure knowledge, create a new device and produce various resources to make the tribe your strongest supporter!

Wild Legend

Paired with automatic battles. Easily explore mysterious ancient civilizations.
Use clearance to get equipment quickly. Let you enjoy the battle!
You can get legendary equipment without adding money. This allows you to easily increase your combat power and challenge stronger enemies!

Wild Legend

Lost Civilization Revealing the story

Three hundred years ago, A nuclear accident destroyed thousands of years of human civilization. And pushes everything back to ancient times.

The humans who survived tried to rebuild their civilizations and tribes on this land. During the survey, people have discovered the Ten Divine Powers that exist in nature. And the crystallization of knowledge and various technologies of ancient civilization, This recorded knowledge became a scarce resource. And is considered a guideline for developing a new civilization

To compete for the God’s Power and Ancient Resources, a fierce battle between the tribes has begun. In particular, battles between the Brubru tribe and the Karacala tribe were becoming more frequent.

A brave man from the Bru Bru tribe. Has a special ability to communicate with the gods. And can use the power of the gods freely

Out of curiosity about the unknown and a desire for ancient civilizations. The brave young man decided to embark on this adventurous journey. Explore distant, unknown lands and look for miracles that might change the fate of an entirely new civilization.


Wild Legend

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