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WuXia Online:Idle

Official Launch – Open Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of WuXia Online:Idle (by ForShow Games)

Wow, you just woke up as the young master of Penglai Island! The neighbors turned out to be excellent martial artists… However, the isolated island is too small for a young, adventurous heart! The world beyond is filled with unknown surprises. How exciting! Longing for the bigger world, you marched into the thrilling world of Wuxia, while conspiracies await…

Experience the Chinese Wuxia world in this idle card game, where you will learn amazing martial arts, witness clashes of factions, explore mysterious encounters, enhance your favorite characters, and enjoy effortless achievements! With well-known plots recreated in funny conversations, you will experience the romance and conflicts in the Wuxia world with minimum effort. Wuxia: Online makes your Wuxia dream come true!

WuXia Online:Idle

Exciting Characters and Clashing Factions
Wuxia: Online, where warriors gather and factions fight. Observe traditional martial arts closely, customize your formation at will, and summon your friends in Ruins Trials. Start your realistic Wuxia adventure right now!

WuXia Online:Idle

Resources Returned when Needed
All resources returned upon character resetting. No more resources wasted. Character level inherited with a single tap. No more efforts for resources. Generous and carefree, that’s a decent life of Wuxia masters!

WuXia Online:Idle

Idle Wuxia World, Filled with Adventures and Gossips
Wuxia spells gossips and adventures! Unsolved mysteries are as attractive as treasures and secret skills. No serious boring stories, only free exploration into treasures and encounters. A new happy life of Wuxia awaits!

WuXia Online:Idle

Idle Game, Effortless Success
Being a Wuxia master should be enjoyable, and with the ultimate martial arts of all factions at your hand, no final Boss can stand in your way. In-game progression is as easy as blowing off dust, and so is being a Wuxia master! Just put down your phone and let the game do its thing, no grinding or money needed!

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WuXia Online:Idle

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