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Zombie Forest 3: Underground – Global

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Zombie Forest 3: Underground (by Alexander Tavintsev)

It just so happened that you met the beginning of the zombie apocalypse in the middle of the night forest. Running away from zombies, you accidentally stumbled upon a lonely hut hidden in the very center of a forest full of walking dead. What was the surprise when you found out that there is a fortified basement under the hut, which has everything you need for survival. And from that moment your story begins…

The main goal is unchanged – to survive at any cost! During the day, you are engaged in arranging your new shelter, building fortifications, additional rooms and walking around in search of resources, food, equipment and weapons. At night, you will have to defend your shelter from hordes of hungry zombies. It depends only on your actions whether you will be able to meet the new morning. But as soon as you settle down and get stronger, it will be time to find salvation from this cursed forest.

Zombie Forest 3: Underground
СкриншотZombie Forest 3: Underground
Zombie Forest 3: Underground
Zombie Forest 3: Underground

Game Features:

– the character editor will easily allow you to create a unique appearance for your hero;
– a huge explorable map with many locations available to visit;
– construction of various fortifications protecting the bunker from uninvited guests;
– the ability to create additional rooms that expand the capabilities of your bunker;
– discover new locations on the map by searching for distress signals on the radio;
– a merchant with a daily updated assortment of goods;
– fighting arena with various prizes for defeating zombies or wild animals;
– random daily events that can make it difficult or significantly easier to survive;
– the ability to build and improve vehicles for faster movement through the forest;
– a competent economy (you can sell and exchange items found in raids, vegetables grown in greenhouses or medicines created in a laboratory);
– distribution of energy inside the bunker using a fuel generator, solar panels and wind turbines;
– gain experience for completing tasks, killing zombies or reading books;
– the distribution of experience between the five characteristics of the character and the acquisition of special skills;
– a full-fledged player’s inventory with the ability to equip up to five items of clothing and two weapons;
– 50 units of various weapons (one-handed, two-handed, stabbing, pistols, submachine guns, revolvers, shotguns, automatic and sniper rifles);
– 160 items of clothing, differing not only in appearance, but also in the level of armor;
– 90 consumable items (resources, ammo, food, healing items, books, seeds, car details and crafting parts);
– the ability to improve weapons and clothing;
– time is the main resource (each action requires time, your main task is to correctly distribute the remaining time before nightfall).

Zombie Forest 3: Underground
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