Adventure Bay – Paradise Farm

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Adventure Bay – Paradise Farm (by GAMEGOS)

 EXPLORE the wild tropical islands and hunt for treasures with Lydia, Henry & their gorilla friend Jojo. Find out what exciting adventures await the trio!

RESTORE Lydia’s town; rebuild buldings, produce ingredients, gather resources to CRAFT useful materials that’ll aid you on your expeditions to mysterious locations!

Adventure Bay - Paradise Farm

HARVEST crops, raise farm animals, catch fish and cook for yourself. Build your own FARM and family on a beautiful bay!

TRAVEL to exotic islands, help Lydia & Henry solve mysteries, uncover ancient ruins and discover mythic treasures by completing quests! Every journey will be memorable!

Adventure Bay - Paradise Farm

TRADE and deliver orders for amazing rewards and expand your village!

Adventure Bay - Paradise Farm

FOLLOW the story to learn more about Lydia, Henry and Jojo’s mysterious pasts! Make your own choices & meet extraordinary game characters!

Adventure Bay - Paradise Farm

ENJOY a fun & rich story along with breathtaking seaside scenery! Adventure Bay will be your tropical second-home!

Adventure Bay - Paradise Farm

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