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Akuma Note

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The description of Akuma Note

Do you have what it takes to win the battle? Akuma Note is a strategic turn-based game based on the story of ancient Chinese tale legends. It brings forth a mix of tactical elements and diverse skill attributes for players to take on battles to claim the ultimate victory in this legendary game.

Enter into the vibrant world of spirits to build your dream tactical team, join other players in your mission to conquer various bosses to become the ultimate Onmyouji. Challenge yourself with various exciting Royal Battle, Arena Mode and form your Guild to become the most powerful warrior of all! Enjoy real-time multiplayer battles with your friends and other players from around the world! Your epic adventure begins now!

– Challenge players in real-time strategic turn-based battles in Royal Battle and Arena mode
– Advance through multiple Story Mode and unlock greater rewards
– Summon and collect powerful Akuma to fight for you
– Rune system that provides extra stats and abilities for your Akuma
– Form your guild in Guild Co-op battle to share strategies and defeat enemy’s God Beast to win awesome rewards
– Earn daily rewards through logging in and various play modes

Akuma Note

Akuma Collection
– Collect all 4 different attributes – Wind, Fire, Water and Lightning Element
– Strengthen your Akuma and leverage on their unique abilities and stories
– Summon powerful Akuma and form your ultimate team to destroy powerful bosses and enemies

Akuma Note

Akuma Bond
– Complete Bond missions to earn Akuma shards
– Increase bond with your Akuma as you complete the Bond missions
– Obtain higher bond with your Akuma and to get better rewards

Akuma Note

Rune System
– Equip your Akuma with Runes to gain extra stats and abilities
– Get and activate all 16 different types of Runes for a variety of powerful effects
– Upgrade up to +15 for a maximum power of your Akuma skills

– Build your community and chat exclusively with your Guild members in the guild chat
– Team up with your guild members and fight in Guild Co-op mode to bring down enemy’s God Beast
– Share strategies and request Akuma shards from your guild members

– Compete with players from around the world in a real-time strategic battle
– Earn special chests that contains awesome rewards
– 6 different Tier rankings ranging from Challenger to Legend

Akuma Note
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