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Ange Relink

Official Launch(JP) – Mobile + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of アンジュ・リリンク (by f4samurai, Inc.)

The end is the beginning with you

Beginning with a trading card game (TCG), it was also made into a TV animation,
The latest smartphone game of KADOKAWA’s media mix project “Ange” is now available!

A nostalgic school romance adventure,
A real-time card battle unique to Ange.

Set in the school town “Seiran Island” where heroines with various extraordinary abilities gather,
The bond between the story and the heroine is spun.

Charm of the game
Multiple endings for each heroine
If I could redo the future
A month spent with the heroine at Seiran Gakuen.
Overcoming the many troubles we face and the crises of the world,
Aim for the best ending with the heroine of your choice.


Real-time + card battle
With strategy just like a trading card game,
A fusion of speed that progresses in real time instead of turn-based.

Battle function with real friends
An online battle mode using a QR code is also implemented.
Invite your friends and play together.

View of the world
Seiran Island, which you are heading to, is made up of “blue”, “black”, “red”, “white”, and “green”.
A school town where girls from five different worlds gather.
In a world where the end has been decided, your choice will change your destiny.


Seiran Island / Earth (Blue World)
The intersection of five worlds, our world.

Darkness Embrace (Black World)
A world of night and magic ruled by the “King of Witches”.


Terra Rubiri Aurora (Red World)
A beautiful mythical world protected by the Seven Goddesses.

System = White = Egma (white world)
A streamlined android world managed by System EGMA.

Grüne Shield (Green World)
The world closest to destruction, ruled by the “Grunesilt Consolidated Army”.

Available: Google Play / App Store – Japan

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