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Annihilation: Borderline

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 湮滅:邊界線 – Trinity Gears (by WONWAY DIGITAL PTE. LTD)

“Annihilation: Borderline” is a turn-based fast-paced chess game with an imaginary world view, featuring girls and mechas, and focusing on character development and combat strategies.


The game is set in a completely imaginary parallel world with a quasi-modern background. After experiencing the baptism of war, humans put aside their differences and established a temporary international alliance to seek long-term peace and development. In the process of gradually transitioning to the stage of community of destiny, the evil mechanized legion from an unknown dimension – “Borderline” suddenly appeared all over the world, and carried out expulsion operations against all mankind with overwhelming technological and military power. The human world is united in crisis, with girls (concept models) who possess projection and control of special exoskeleton mechas (tactical armor) as an important counterattack force, rising up against the invaders.


In terms of gameplay, the game makes certain innovations based on traditional war chess, paying more attention to the fast and convenient experience on mobile phones. The combat system refers to the design guidelines of the confrontation between the various arms units of the sea, land and air forces. Hundreds of levels with rich weather and terrain environments are added with colorful mechanism changes to avoid the same battle logic and increase the challenge and playability of the game.


The production team hired professional painters from 20 different countries and regions around the world to design and draw a total of more than 140 concept models. In addition, the mechanical design in the game has a unique sense of high-end, showing extremely exquisite details and precision.

This is a story about girls who were born in the name of “weapons” and met heroes and became hope

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Available: Google Play / App Store – TW, HK, MO, SG, MY


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