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Arena of Dreams – NFT

Early access – Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Arena of Dreams (by Fanatee, Inc.)

Arena of Dreams: The Party Royale of Dreams!

YOU’VE EARNED an invitation to go to Cloud 99, where anything is possible!

YES, YOU ARE DREAMING! Only the biggest DREAMERs in the world received an invitation to participate in the gaming party where being the best means achieving the unimaginable, learning and still having a good laugh!”

Arena of Dreams

Arena of Dreams is a free multiplayer party royale game with several minigames.

Ensure your survival: play Co op and assemble your team to face the challenges that only the wildest dreams hold. Get ready to dive into a surreal and exciting universe, where action and adventure mix with exciting challenges and moments of pure fun.

Welcome to Arena of Dreams, where competition meets fun in a unique multiplayer game!

Arena of Dreams

Survive and have fun in the Dream World:

Arena is a journey through the realm of dreams, where even the unimaginable can happen and the fun has no limits. Face challenges that require both your body and brain cells as you travel through the most bizarre places like a salt beach with a chocolate sea. With a unique mix of racing, strategy and general knowledge, you will face tests that don’t exist anywhere and that only a dream party could offer.

Arena of Dreams

Various minigames!

Pique Stop (hunting flag or Snag the flag), Templo Crushing (Sneaky Snakes), Letterfalls and several others on the way!!!

Arena of Dreams

The dream party:

Arena of Dreams is a Party Royale always played in a sequence of 3 elimination minigames.

12 DREAMERS play in the first phase, but only ONE can win.

Challenges for the Head!

Mix wisdom and logic to make games even higher level!

Be who you really are, in style!

You choose your appearance. Earn and collect other epic skins. There are new characters and skins constantly!

Live the experience of Arena of Dreams, the online multiplayer that takes you into a unique dispute, full of challenges and laughter. Let’s get involved with us and become a legend at Arena, where the wildest dreams come out of your mind and become reality in the palm of your hand!

Official website

Available: Google Play / App Store – BR

Arena of Dreams
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