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Arthdal Chronicles: Three Powers

Pre-registration(KR) – Open

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | PC

The description of 아스달 연대기: 세 개의 세력 (by Netmarble)

📜 Developer Note:

Game introduction
The world of the beginning, the power of the beginning unfolds
A new type of war begins!
‘Arthdal ​​Chronicles: Three Forces’

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A completely new war between three forces
Arthdal, Ago, and Lawlessness.
Win fierce battles and politics to gain glory as leader of the faction.

My play changes the continent of Asthma
A new experience where quest results are reflected in the game world
Open up the area by building collapsed landmarks and gateways.

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One character, two classes
Explore the battlefield with your own multi-class combination.
Create a new combat style through a combination of various classes.

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The strongest dungeon, ruled by a powerful boss
The appearance of a mythical being, Shinsoo.
Attack the boss through strategic party composition.

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Field boss summoned by building an altar
The most intense and ruthless battle in which PVE and PVP unfold simultaneously
Earn the highest rewards through cooperation and competition at the faction/alliance level.

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The experience of living in the real world on the Ascontinent
Overcoming the ever-changing natural environment
Enjoy delicious lifestyle content.

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