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Aster Tatariqus

Official Launch(JP) + APK

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The description of Aster Tatariqus (by gumi Inc.)

📜 Developer Note:

Release date for Aster Tatarix
We decided on Monday, August 28!


The plot of “Aster Tataricus” takes place in a fantasy world based on the legend of King Arthur, players will be able to freely explore the huge world, represented by high-quality 3D graphics. One of the features of this work is that the endings of all routes are implemented during the launch phase, and the story will diverge depending on the player’s choice to welcome different endings.

The story of a successor entrusted with the mission to save the world,
“Assassin” weapons to counter Barbara, and a pair of “Vibes” scabbards.

In order to fight Barbara, protagonist Noir learns about the “Gestalt Shift” connecting the Vibes and Assassins at school, the future that the people who become Assassins will follow, and the fate of their successors.

Knowing that there are different futures due to “choice”, Noir holds the sword of his choice.
To save the world as a successor.

Develop a dramatic story with the “largest” volume in the history of smartphone games!

Implemented from the moment of release to the end of all routes! Depending on “choice”
the player will run a “branch”, and each will have a different ending.

The killers

Those who turn their memories into power and fight humanity’s enemy, Barbara.

It has the inscriptions of legendary weapons such as Arondite and Excalibur, and
each of them has special abilities.

When performing a Gestalt shift, those who are qualified
awaken as killers.


Those who have reached the Gestalt shift with the Assassins are under strong bond.

Protect the memory of the Killers lost with their power and help them in their fight.

He is sometimes referred to as the “master” of assassins.


A monster that appeared from somewhere.

He attacks people, devours their memories and tries to erase them from the world.

Barbara cannot be defeated by normal attacks, and
without the Killers and Vibrations abilities, Barbara cannot be defeated.

Gestalt shift

Two qualified couples with destiny (couples) strengthen the connection and
building a relationship between the Killers and the Vibes.
The ritual needed to fight Barbara. Known as “GS”.

Also, in Gestalt Shift
there is a rule “Ichimei Ichimei”.
A person can enter into a contract with only one person during his life.

Root decomposition

Gestalt Shift Killers
go into combat.

The constant maintenance of a combat state takes a lot of strength from the Assassins.
Normally, he assumes a human state, and
performs factorial decomposition in case of an emergency.

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Available: Google Play / App Store – Japan

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