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BeyondWarrior: Idle RPG – Official iOS

Official Launch – Global

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of BeyondWarrior: Idle RPG (by Loongcheer Game)

Welcome, brave Swordsman! Log in to get 1000 free draws total! There are more rewards for you!

“Beyond Warrior” The real idle and oriental-style RPG game that you have never played before!
Start from a young swordsman in Penglai Island and discover your path to legend, search for more martial arts warriors with unique skills, and fight against dangerous demons in Warrior World. As the only young swordsman to escape from the isolated island of Pengla, are you ready to rise through the ranks, hone your skills, and become a legend in this warrior world? Let’s set off on a journey of martial arts!

Game Features

Relax in Real Time-saving & Idle Combat
Skip combats and Quick AFK rewards functions save you time. Greatly shorten your battle duration and save time spent on battles by unlocking the automatic battle function. Dive into the thrill of combat without the need for constant manual input! Watch your character grow, gather resources, and conquer challenges effortlessly!

BeyondWarrior: Idle RPG

Free to Retire Warriors with All Resources Return
Worry not about wasted resources! The Easy Warrior Retire ensures a full refund of invested resources, allowing you to reallocate them as you rebuild your team. Unleash your strategic creativity without constraints!

BeyondWarrior: Idle RPG

Victory in Strategic Battle with 100+Warriors
Assemble a formidable team by recruiting a diverse range of warriors, each with unique strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. Use your strategized unbeatable lineups and formation buffs to overcome enemies in battle. A variety of elements for you to choose from. Make your best lineup restraint to win battles!

BeyondWarrior: Idle RPG

Dominate a Variety of PVP
No matter when or where, you can enjoy exciting PVP combats. Will you conquer in Arena, participate in Guild War, or advance into the Worldwide Top 32 in the 5 Elements Race? There are also constantly updating new seasons every month. Get ready for every Season Contention! Who will be the first to reach the peak of victory?

BeyondWarrior: Idle RPG

Enjoy Unique PVE & Fun Mini-games
Explore fresh realms and unlock hidden treasures in Roguelike Element Array, Dungeon Treasure Hunt and Mini-games. Whether you’re a puzzle enthusiast, a fun game lover, or a strategy mastermind, Beyond Warrior has everything special for every swordsman! The challenge continues, and the possibilities are limitless!

BeyondWarrior: Idle RPG

Immerse in Oriental-Style Martial Arts Realm
Immerse yourself in a warrior world where ancient mystique meets modern gameplay, enjoying a unique fusion of visual artistry, captivating narratives, and evocative soundscapes. Relax in the world of martial arts!


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BeyondWarrior: Idle RPG

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