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Caapora Adventure – Ojibe’s Revenge

Official Launch Google Play+Apk(Demo)

The description of Caapora Adventure – Ojibe’s Revenge


Caapora Adventure is a challenging game that mix exploration, adventure and Puzzles where the player acquire new skills by completing missions allowing him to explore new places.

Caapora Adventure - Ojibe's Revenge
Caapora Adventure - Ojibe's Revenge
Caapora Adventure - Ojibe's Revenge
Caapora Adventure - Ojibe's Revenge


A long time ago, the world was ruled by a constant conflict between the mythological and human world. But one day, a very powerfull shaman called Tamand arise and seald the peace between these two worlds by closing the portal through a holy stone called Caapora.

Since then, this stone has been protected for years by elemental guardians created from the power of Caapora. Some years later, the holy stone was broken up by a renegade Shaman called Ojibe and was fragmented into four parts that were spread throughout the continent of Zaltana. Since then, chaos and darkness has once again hovered over the human world and the mythological creatures and entities, such as: Boitatá, Yara, Mapinguari, Caipora(Curupira) e Mula sem cabeça, returned to inhabited the their world.

Help Yacamin to restore the peace between the two worlds again!


– A beautiful wild world to explore inspired by amazon rainforest
– Release new places by using new behaviours (Mounting, Swimming, Jumping, Exploding Bomb, Metroidvania-like gameplay)
– Use weapons such as: Bow, magical bombs, Spear, zarabatana, crafted Shields
– Many Puzzles to solve in Dungeons
– Be a hunter by hunt animals
– Original Indigenous Characters and tribes
– Original Soundtrack
– Find the 10 rare Arara’s feather
– Defeat creature and entities inspired by Myths and Legends from Brazilian Folklore
– Blackfoot, Natives, Cherokee and Aboriginal like characters
– Powwow event like game

Caapora Adventure - Ojibe's Revenge

💡 Google Play(Demo) – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=br.com.overactiongamestudio.caaporaadventures
💡 Google Play – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=br.com.overactiongamestudio.caaporaadventurespremium
💡 Apk – https://apkcombo.com/caapora-adventure-ojibe-s-revenge/br.com.overactiongamestudio.caaporaadventures/

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