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Calibur Knights – Idle RPG

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Calibur Knights – Idle RPG (by Jelly Saurus Inc.)

A new concept strategy battle RPG, where you can enjoy immersive battles with cute pixel characters!
Start your adventure now to reach the top of the Calibur league with the strongest heroes!

Overcharge skill system
Activate a more powerful overcharge skill depending on the skill timing!
Use easy but strategic skills!

Calibur Knights - Idle RPG

A new, never-before-played RPG
Experience new and amazing battles with unique combat styles and systems you’ve never seen in other games.

Calibur Knights - Idle RPG

Easy but highly strategic
Enjoy the fun of strategy with a combination of various heroes and equipment.

Calibur Knights - Idle RPG

The fun of fast and unstoppable growth
Heroes growing every time you play. Get to the top of the Calibur league as quickly as you can.

Calibur Knights - Idle RPG

Rewards accumulate even when taking a break from the game
Rewards accumulate even when you are taking a break.

Calibur Knights - Idle RPG

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