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Carft Heroes

Early access – EA + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 天黑裝備鋪Craft Heroes (by Stellar Project Game)

Dear craftsmen, welcome to “Carft Heroes”!
We’ve combined business simulation with hero card mechanics, creating a fully open server with a free trade market!
Here, the equipment worn by heroes is crafted by you! The equipment that customers need will be sold by you! The equipment that players are looking to buy will be provided by you!

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Manage Your Shop, Your Way
With 18 types of equipment to choose from, will you specialize in one or go all-in? Will you craft equipment for your own heroes or sell to customers? It’s all up to you!

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Open Trading, No Restrictions
Reject constraints! Here, we have a free-trade system across the entire server, allowing all players to do business with you. Becoming a successful merchant is no longer a dream!

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Card Collection, Hero Development
Dozens of hero cards from different races await your collection! Equip them with gear crafted by your own hands! Help heroes grow and lead you to victory in battles!

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Infinite Strategies, Tactical Mastery
Mix and match seven major factions! Control and output, healing and shielding. In the battle of wits, perhaps a simple adjustment of hero positioning by moving a finger can change the tide of battle and lead to a comeback victory!”

Available: Google Play(EA) – PH, TW, ID. SG, etc…

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