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Clash of Starships

Official Launch(Open Beta) + Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios – Several countries

The description of Clash of Starships (by SHARK ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED)

Welcome to the world of “Clash of Starships”. The game features a massive space galaxy and many space sci-fi elements. The players may acquire dozens of space ships of different variation. The game simulates a vast battlefield in space. There are many gamemodes such as Space Faction warfare. The player may use mechanism such as production and tech parts to build their own galactic fleet. In the vast universe, the player must continue raising the power of their fleet, come up with the most optimal fleet combo, and use ruse and guile to be the dominator of the galaxy.

Build an invincible fleet
– Ultra-detailed models, 1-to-1 restoration of space starships, each with its own unique appearance and skills.
– Strengthen your starships, form an invincible fleet.
– Build legendary starships with all you have to fight for you.

Clash of Starships

Duel on a galaxy battlefield
– Compete or cooperate in real time with millions of commanders in the vastness galaxy.
– Experience the pinnacle of star wars, compete for supremacy, become the leader of the galaxy, achieve supreme glory.
– Show off your talents in strategy, leadership and combat.

Clash of Starships

Galaxy exploration
– Defend your territory and explore the depths of the universe.
– Rare resources which both the three factions and the evil invaders eager to occupy.
– Each planet you encounter during your exploration has its own laws of survival. Luck and strength are equally important.

Clash of Starships

Upgrade futuristic technology
– A large number of technologies and starship blueprints are waiting for you to build and research.
– Compete for rare resources and develop your own secret weapons.
– As you choose different branches of technology development, you battle strategies will also evolve differently.

Clash of Starships

While fighting the invaders, you must also maintain a balance among the three factions. Will you fight them, or unite with them? Are you ready for the challenge? Download the game now!

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Clash of Starships
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