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Nova: Space Armada – Apk

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Nova: Space Armada (by STONE3 PTE. LTD.)

Grandiose Republic Space Station
You will play as a Republican commander who was trapped in a black hole solar system. You will be able to construct and develop your own giant space station in the distressed Renney Sector, completing Orders for the Republic and building up your strength.

Nova: Space Armada - Apk

Space Armada
A modularized warship design system and building system will allow you to build unique space fleets of your own. Moreover, there are tons of elaborated warship blueprints for you to select from. Plan and carry out your strategy, because every single warship might be the game-changer in a battle against your enemies.

Nova: Space Armada - Apk

Encounter Unique Forces and Build Your Own Alliance
The Republic has lost its former glory, Coterminals are hiding miserably in their realm. In this power vacuum, you need to form an interstellar alliance with your comrade, striving to be the most influential Alliance among thousands of solar systems in Renney Sector.

Nova: Space Armada - Apk

Endless Stories Among the Stars
Explore mysterious and fascinating planetary systems and experience magnificent interstellar stories, with a huge amount of rewards waiting for you at the end of each space journey.

Nova: Space Armada - Apk

And More
The truth behind the “Supernova Event” still hides in the dark void. Find the warship blueprint of ancient civilizations left in the depth of Kraken Ruins. In this epic space odyssey, your choice will play a big role in your playthrough. Will you use your proficient diplomatic skills to achieve your goals, or expand your Alliance territory by waging fierce wars against your enemies? The future of Renney Sector is now in your hands.

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Nova: Space Armada - Apk
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