Crabada – P2E

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The description of Crabada (by Crustaco)

Crabada is an exciting play-and-earn idle game based in a world filled with fierce fighting Hermit-Crabs called Crabada. Players will rediscover the prosperous ancient Kingdom of Crabada and earn rewards through activities such as mining, looting, battling, exploring, crafting, and more!
Treasures (Under Sea) of undiscovered past await daring adventurers who seek the future. Mine, Loot, Breed, Battle! Explore rich new lands across the Ocean as you march sideways into an immersive idle gaming experience! Are you ready, Adventurer?
Will you be the one to take the place as King of the Crabada? Or will you sow the seeds of discord across the land? The world is your oyster. Soon, they will tremble when they hear your name.

Battle and earn rewards effortlessly
Earn rewards in idle gameplay as you send your Crabada teams to Mine for Treasure, or Loot unsuspecting Miners to steal a portion of their rewards!

Crabada - P2E

Immersive PvE and PvP modes
Progress through Adventure Mode and defeat the toughest of enemies! 100 levels to explore and 20 Special Mining Zones to unlock!

Crabada - P2E

Build your Own Crabada Team
Build your team and level up your Crabada to become more powerful. Assemble an army of Crabada and aim to be King of the prosperous ancient Kingdom!

Crabada - P2E

Strategize and Emerge Victorious
Plan and strategize unbeatable formations which synergizes with your Crabada’s skills and Factional advantages to overcome the most difficult of battles! Stand victorious over your enemies!

Crabada - P2E
Crabada - P2E

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Crabada - P2E

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