Crisis Escalation


Early access+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Crisis Escalation (by Patrick Er)

[Crisis Escalation] is an online multiplayer, real-time tower defense game. Take on the role of a resistance leader in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Fight against a monopolistic tech corporation that infected humans with a virus to form a powerful army of zombies, and is intent on destroying your base. Develop and build your territory, train heroes, upgrade troops and airdrop technology to strengthen your forces.

☆Build & Customize a 3D City☆
Marvel at exquisite architecture and scenery in stunning 3D graphics. Place your buildings wherever you want, and upgrade your City Center to unlock more buildings!

Crisis Escalation

☆Get Strategic with Tower Defense☆
Form unique strategies using a variety of Defense Towers.

Crisis Escalation

☆Garrison Heroes ☆
Heroes garrisoned at Bases will defend your Home, while those garrisoned at Defense Towers will significantly improve the Towers’ abilities.

Crisis Escalation

☆Form an Army☆
Choose from many troop types, each having unique offensive strategies from demolishing walls and towers to stealing resources. It’s all up to you!

Crisis Escalation

☆Airdrop Support☆
Use Airdrop Technology to summon support. Hit your targets with precision and boost your army’s combat power!

Crisis Escalation
Crisis EscalationCrisis Escalation

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