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Cyber Gunner : Dead Code

Official Launch + APK

💡Platform – Android

The description of Cyber Gunner : Dead Code (by JoyMore Inc)

Welcome to the night city! brat! Are you ready to embark on an unknown adventure?
A package that conceals a psychedelic “space” tears through the reality of a little hacker who considers himself ordinary. Sudden pursuit, the “reality” that violates peace everywhere, constantly dying and waking up from nightmares, as if the never-changing pursuit and the ever-changing world, what secrets are hidden behind them?
Explore the unknown city, the underground black market, the No. 7 laboratory and the energy center to find out the secrets hidden behind! Remember that your purpose is only one: to live!

Our Features
Bring justice and light to the dark night city
The monsters in the game are very powerful. You must constantly upgrade, obtain powerful equipment, build unique artifacts, enhance your character’s strength, challenge hundreds of level maps, dozens of monsters and a large number of powerful bosses, and bring justice and light to the dark night city

Cyber Gunner : Dead Code

Characteristic skills, with exclusive equipment
Powerful talent system, upgrade your talents, choose your Kung Fu skill combination reasonably, improve your abilities, and make it easier for you to survive in dangerous levels. This is the key factor that determines whether you can survive the adventure.

Cyber Gunner : Dead Code

From heaven to earth, agents are omnipotent
It can be operated with one finger, easy and leisure, while controlling the character to challenge each level. Every time you upgrade, there will be random skill selection and skill upgrades. Hundreds of Kung Fu skill combinations can’t stop at all.

Cyber Gunner : Dead Code

Mysterious night city, explore unknown treasures
A wealth of props, to meet the collection and control of challenges, you will be rewarded with a wealth of props, the dazzling collection of props is definitely the best proof that adventurers are powerful

Cyber Gunner : Dead Code
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