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Cyber Hunter: Last day of Machines

Official Launch + Apk

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Cyber Hunter: (by MTAG PUBLISHING LTD)

The world of the future is faced with the tyranny of mutant robots. Ruthless monsters aim to destroy all life!

Unable to fight the evil, numerous worlds suffer from the tyranny of invaders. The planets are waiting for a hero and you are the only one who decided to fight to the end!

Cyber Hunter: Last day of Machines

Archers with bows, knights with swords and just warriors with their axes and spears are in the past. It’s time for a new hero!

Cyber Hunter: Last day of Machines

Pick up cyber weapons and armor, find faithful companions on your journey and upgrade any items you find. You will need all your skills to defeat the enemy!

Combine numerous skills, upgrade talents on the path to free the amazing worlds of the future!

Cyber Hunter: Last day of Machines

– Kill enemies to level up, upgrade weapons and talents.
– Random skills selection will bring new emotions with each playthrough.
– Choose equipment to your liking and use unique tactics!
– Take advantage of the weaknesses of your enemies to win and dodge dangerous traps.

Cyber Hunter: Last day of Machines

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