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Cyber Shooter

Early Access(Beta)+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Cyber Shooter (by Lime Games)

Cyber Shooter Non-Reset Open Beta test is here!!!
Greeting, Gunslingers,
thank you for your love and support for Cyber Shooter! The Non-Reset Open Beta test of Cyber Shooter is available now!! Welcome to a world full of guns, mechs, and alien monsters!

Cyber Shooter

Q: What is the Non-Reset Open Beta test?
A: Non-Reset Open Beta means that your data will NOT be reset after the official release.

Cyber Shooter

Q: Are there any events for the Non-Reset Open Beta test?
A: Sure, we have prepared many surprises for you guys, which include sharing prizes, check-in prizes, and more! Download, dive in, and find out now!

Cyber Shooter

Run, Gun & Transform!
It’s the year 2088, the foul creature from the outer world is invading our land! Heroes, grab your weapons! Gear up & Mech up! Let the shoot begin!

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Cyber Shooter
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