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Dark Eden SD

Official Launch(KR) – Release + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Dark Eden SD (by Softon Entetainment)

August 30, 2023 (Wednesday) 11 am Official release!
Dark Eden’s new changes! Collecting RPG Dark Eden SD!
Hyeonsaengsa, who lacks 24 hours, goes to the world of vampires together!

Game introduction
1. Rebuild the collapsed castle and produce materials for high combat power
Rebuilding the village through the materials I produced!

다크에덴SD: 검은 성서의 비밀

2 Enjoy battles according to your strategy!
Reversal of the charter through your own team combination and battle cry!

다크에덴SD: 검은 성서의 비밀

3 Special system that changes according to the time!
Production is faster during the day and battle is stronger at night

다크에덴SD: 검은 성서의 비밀

4. Endless variety of content!
Underground dungeon, arena, underwater exploration, Hell Garden, and even the field boss!

다크에덴SD: 검은 성서의 비밀

5. The stronger the guild gets together!
Growth with guild members, such as cooperation, constant research, and guild-only events

Story Introduction
Before Dark Eden existed…
The Slayers were hiding and studying the Bible and the sealed runes to prevent extinction.
However, as Tepez raids the Slayer’s secret laboratory, he steals the Bible and uses his power…
Afterwards, the 12 Master Vampires who have collected all the Bibles try to perform a ritual to resurrect Lilith, but Tepez, who knows that he can use the power of the Bible, opposes the resurrection ceremony, and the Pro-Vampire who longs for the resurrection of Lilith. Their battle begins.

Available: Google Play / App Store – Korea

다크에덴SD: 검은 성서의 비밀
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