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Dark Glory

Official Launch(TW) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 暗黑榮耀 (by Sany Games)

In the ancient and mysterious continent of Flood, a world blessed by gods. The story takes place when the gods are about to fall and the gate to heaven is about to close. Humans, elves, and dwarves jointly create a new era.

During the adventure of the protagonist, players will witness important nodes in the history of the continent and experience the brilliance of mysterious legends. Thousands of years ago, ethnic groups fought and the continent was in danger. Facing the threat of Ragnarok, all ethnic groups joined forces again for a common future. In this context, players will become warriors chosen by the gods. By destroying monsters, they will gain recognition from the gods and become the leader of the new era.

Game Features

1. Without hesitation or class, you can easily obtain many out-of-print costumes
The game provides a super high explosion rate, and players can easily obtain rare items and rare equipment. The game also provides a variety of convenient plug-in settings, which can help players automatically complete some tedious tasks and operations without spending excessive energy and no need to Store value pressure to better achieve a balance between gaming and life.


2. Diverse professions to create exclusive character gameplay
The game provides a wealth of professions to choose from. Each profession has unique skills and abilities. It also has a face-shaping system. You can choose your hairstyle, face shape, and accessories as you like. There are also exciting and exquisite fashions and changeable appearances. Players can create their own unique characters. Own role. At the same time, players can also switch between different professions in the game and enjoy different gameplays.


3. Heroic spirit transformation, instantly increasing massive combat power
The game not only has gorgeous skills and moves, players can also transform into powerful heroes in battle, instantly increasing their massive combat power, reversing the situation, turning defeat into victory, and making the battle more exciting.


4. Dragon’s Lair, Awakening of the Origin Dragon
There are a lot of development methods in the game, including partners, equipment, mounts, pets, etc. The most eye-catching one is the mysterious and powerful dragon shadow system! Explore the dragon’s lair, find the mysterious dragon shadow treasure, and awaken the powerful origin dragon!


5. Panoramic PVP, immersive experience of bloody melee
Immersive game graphics, colorful activities, unique copy system and gorgeous wings, exciting panoramic PVP gameplay, present the most immersive fantasy experience. The unique panoramic PVP gameplay in the game, from personal duels, cross-server lairs, to gang wars and wild leader competitions, there are a variety of PK methods for you to choose from. The fiery battles and clever strategies allow players to immerse themselves in the bloody melee and feel the ultimate pleasure of the battle. .


6. Traveling together, the companionship of cute pets is super sweet
There are two-person mounts in the game that can be shared by two people to enhance romantic interaction and social interaction, allowing players to establish deep connections and enjoy social fun. In addition, there is a marriage system that allows players to find romance in the game. These social elements enrich the fun of the game and enhance the social interaction and activity of the game.

Available: Google Play – TW, HK, MY, MO


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