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Mining Heroes: Puzzle RPG

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Mining Heroes: Puzzle RPG (by Betta Games)

“Mining Heroes” is a new style of game that includes Zuma, Card RPG, Puzzle explore, and Monster Battle. It redefines the match 3 RPG. This game is simple to learn, and fun to master!

Collect plenty of Monsters, Dragons, Elf, Dwarfs, knights, and Gods. Use materials to cultivate them. Build a strong team by tasking these roles. Then begin your adventure! Don’t forget to buy some materials in the shop before exploring the next puzzle space. Try to match more Zuma Orbs, then you could cause more damage in battle.

Mining Heroes: Puzzle RPG

Abundant hero race, force, and style.
Luxuriant skill, AOE
3D scrolling Battlefields
Only play & a single game
Society friend support. Battle with Supports at the Dungeon.

Mining Heroes: Puzzle RPG

One day, several giant orbs fell onto Earth, bringing with them minerals and energies unseen on this planet. People called them “the Crystal Star”. After a global wave of panic, people began to study and exploit those resources as on the Crystal Stars they found the five most powerful crystal energies, i.e., the water, the fire, the wind, the light, and the dark. Smart ones tried to store those energies in capsules and they made it. Since then, Human technology took off with the help of those energy capsules and Earth entered a new era of prosperity driven by both magic and technology. As the demand for crystal energy soared, mining gradually became a major source of energy and wealth. At the same time, various powers, thirty for the right to mine, were sharpening their blades against each other.

Mining Heroes: Puzzle RPG

More systems in the future:
Build the structure to manage. After winning the stage, you can build the structure like Mine factory, Exp factory, material factory to collect the resource you need.
3D online show & Concert. The ACG culture will be opened at the gap star. Join the Concert which includes thousands of players.
Clan Fight & Fighting with others across the world. Extension of the Horizon of your space.

Mining Heroes: Puzzle RPG
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