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Dawn of Empires (ENG)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Dawn of Empires

Build your own empire in this beautiful strategy game! In this unique world you have to become a great ruler and show all your skills to win. Build magnificent cities. Gather a mighty army of humans, dwarves and elves. Form alliances and declare war. Fight opponents from all over the world in real time. Declare yourself! Prove that you deserve to become a great ruler!

Enjoy a unique 3D world in a new and incredibly addictive, fantasy multiplayer real-time war strategy that unites millions of people around the world. Try yourself as a skilled military leader, strategist and diplomat.

Dawn of Empires

Develop the economy, extract resources – this is the basis for achieving any goals.
Develop infrastructure – build resource-extracting structures, build military and civilian buildings
Conduct research and discover new opportunities.

Dawn of Empires

Develop a hero, the army needs a strong leader.
Create weapons, equipment and magic stones – this will make the hero even stronger.
Find allies – lead your own alliance or join others. Find friends from all over the world.

Dawn of Empires

Complete assignments and get rewards.
Train infantry, cavalry, riflemen, and even magicians – there are a lot of enemies around, you always need to be ready to fight back.
Develop a strategy, look for strengths and weaknesses in opponents. Break a hole in your defenses or set up an ambush. Remember, you cannot underestimate the enemy. Calculate all the actions, predict his plans, always be one step ahead!

Dawn of Empires

Make your way to glory! Take your place at the head of the kingdom and prove to everyone that you are a worthy King!
The stunning world of the MMO strategy Dawn of Empires will not leave you indifferent. Forward, King! It’s time to act! “

Dawn of Empires
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