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Dawn Of Persia: Card Battle

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Dawn Of Persia: Card Battle (by Funtory Studio)

Dawn of Persia: Card Battle, Where Legends Rise and Champions Clash!
Help Hubar, The brave Champion, to destory enemies! The dawn of Persia beckons, a realm woven from ancient myths and legendary heroes. Here, warriors of renowned and mythical creatures locked in forgotten lore do battle in clashes that shake the very earth!

Dawn Of Persia: Card Battle

Will you help the Legends of Persia?
Gather champions of unparalleled power and creatures of myth, each with abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Craft your deck with cunning, a testament to your strategic prowess. Unleash devastating spells and forge cunning tactics to outwit and overpower your enemies!

Dawn Of Persia: Card Battle

Dawn of Persia is more than a game, it’s a saga!
Engage in epic one-on-one card duels that test your mettle against cunning opponents. Every decision holds weight, every move a chance to etch your name in legends. Master the art of war, anticipate your enemy’s maneuvers, and unleash surprise attacks that will leave them trembling before your might!

Dawn Of Persia: Card Battle

Prove your courage across countless battles!
Challenge other players in heated battles, test your skills in daily contests, and conquer special events overflowing with epic rewards. hone your strategic mind, adapting your tactics to conquer any enemy!

Dawn Of Persia: Card Battle

Immerse yourself in a world of wonder!
Witness stunning visuals that bring the battles to life, captivating sounds that fuel your heroism, and an enchanting soundtrack that stirs your soul for glory!

The adventure never ends!
Dawn of Persia is ever-evolving, with regular updates introducing new champions, thrilling game modes, and challenges that will push your skills to the limit.

Dawn Of Persia: Card Battle

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