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Demon Hunter: Rebirth

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The official global version will take place on October 14th.

💡 Gift Codes: DHR777, DHR333, VIP2022, VIP333, DHR2022

The description of Demon Hunter: Rebirth (by jjgames)

Story Background
Dreaming back a thousand years, chaos suddenly arises. Lucifer attempts to open the gate of the demonic realm, open the passage between the two worlds and launch an endless war of extinction.

The evil power in the temple of the king of the underworld is quietly awakening, and the world’s demons are stirring. The roar of the demons of heaven and hell makes the earth tremble! The holy feathers are once again unfurled. No war? Heaven often collapses, the good destroyed all. Then let’s fight! With a body wounded and disabled, in exchange for the world of hope! Then fight! For the light! Fight to the top!

You, born from the light, are the hope of the world, the end of strife. As a descendant of God, you are determined to use courage, wisdom and perseverance to travel this miracle continent, collect soul cards to accumulate power, hoping that one day you can defeat the evil enemy and let the light of dawn shine in the world again!

This time, the victor, whether it is good? Or evil?

Darkness Surging , Remodel the Magic Era
Full 3D exquisite modeling, reproduce the classic dark art. Create an amazing magic world, immersive adventure to bring the ultimate experience
Become a brave man, travel the mysterious angel continent, treasure hunting and mystery exploration, experience epic mythology.

Demon Hunter: Rebirth

One Tap to Free Your Hands with High Drop Rate
One-click AFK and quick raids help you play effortlessly and reap great rewards in your slice of time! Have more fun when you’re working together! Build strong guilds, unite and clash with your guild members on the battlefield.
Have more fun when you work together! Build powerful alliances, unite with your guild members on the battlefield, and fight for glory together.

Demon Hunter: Rebirth

Charming Customization, Original Soul Card Morph
The various fashions are freely matched, such as dominating armor, elegant gown; Invincible Wargod, Queen of Blades, Scarlet Nightmare, hundreds of mounts, followers, magic creatures at the command of the collection of various heavy soul card, free to match skills, transform into gods and demons in the battle, sweep the opponent!

Demon Hunter: Rebirth

Multiple Exciting Adventures, Various Boss Dungeons
The special magic king growth system, use the magic core to evolve unlimited BOSS, drop rewards to help players significantly improve
Abyssal Trial, Devil Sniper, Royal Duel, a variety of random dungeons, super battle power crush, extremely fast clearance, parkour, fishing, fruit workshop, all kinds of interesting play, say goodbye to dull operation!

Demon Hunter: Rebirth

Pvp with Team Mate, Unleash the Battle Fever
Team raid, big chaos, a variety of PVP mode, the World service city war blow the horn, on behalf of the server to occupy the sanctuary territory, challenge the powerful enemies of the Golden City in cross-service mode!

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