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dEmpire of Vampire – NFT Game

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of dEmpire of Vampire (by Vameon)

dEmpire of Vampire is the mobile game dApp powered by Polygon blockchain and rewarding its players with digital assets such as NFTs, character skins and cryptocurrencies.

dEmpire of Vampire

dEmpire of Vampire belongs to a mixed game genre of Action-RPG & Fighting with NFT-characters and Play-to-Earn gaming business model, based on blockchain technologies.

Our Vameon studio, inspired by vampire setting is creating a truly unique metaverse in which an exciting world of mystical events is waiting for you!

dEmpire of Vampire

You will plunge into ancient mythology and feel like a vampire in the modern world, creating your empire through alliances and battles with online players, starting from a ghoul to count Dracula.

dEmpire of Vampire

With every new level you will become more powerful and stronger, climbing the hierarchical ladder of the vampire clan and raising the status of your character.

Due to blockchain technologies, your unique character will belong only to you on the rights of owning NFT tokens associated with your account.

dEmpire of Vampire

Only you can decide whether to play as your NFT character and earn tokens of Vameon project, or to sell your in-game NFT collection so that someone else could continue to play your character.

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dEmpire of Vampire

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