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Devil Invasion

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Devil Invasion (by Wemade Play Co.,Ltd.)

The Epic Journey of the Mighty Demon King!
Embark on a journey as the demon king and put those arrogant humans in their place!
“Why are the demons always under attack?”
“I can’t stand for this any longer!”

Devil Invasion

Powerful and Stylish Demons!
Crush the cozy homes of humans with over 30 stylish demons.
Create a formidable yet adorable army of attackers!
No more witnessing their blissful existence!

Devil Invasion

Endless Onslaught of Humans!
Humans keep coming from somewhere, relentlessly attacking!
Show the demon king’s power to protect the demon castle.

Devil Invasion

Basic Daily Access Event!
Get a small and cute demon every day you access the game!

About Gameplay
1. Combine various demons, and automatic battles will take place when entering each stage!
2. Clear stages to conquer and produce gold.
3. Use the produced gold to summon even more powerful demons.

Devil Invasion

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