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Dig Dungeons – Global

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Dig Dungeons (by More Well Studio)

Dig&Dungeons is an ARPG mobile game characterized by dungeon exploration. In the game, you will play an adventurer who goes deep into the dungeon. With your weapons and metal pick, you will defeat demons in the dungeon by maneuvers and gain better equipment to challenge dungeons in deeper area.

Dig Dungeons

[Dig and explore] As an adventurer, you will go into the dungeons to explore the treasures, which requires you to dig around the walls with a pick in your hand, find the treasure chest guarded by monsters, defeat them, and retrieve the treasures.

Dig Dungeons

[Suits combination] The game has a rich suit system, with different suits incorporating different skill sets. You can also use drawings to build traps in dungeons to fight monsters.

Dig Dungeons

[Variety of gameplay] There are many types of battles in the game. Fighting enemies and killing monsters are not only about brute strength. You need to rely on strategies to fight.

Dig Dungeons

[Diversified props] A variety of items can be used in dungeons, each serving a unique purpose. The uncertainties and the completely unconventional results are addictive.

Dig Dungeons
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